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The ITB podcast covers the highest yield topics for your USMLE, COMLEX, and medical board-preparation needs and interviews industry leaders to give you inspiration and knowledge for your success in medical school and beyond. Let us help you get inside the boards!
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Dec 26, 2016

Part of the Match Smarter series thanks to Doximity's residency navigator tool, in this episode, we discuss internal medicine with Dr. Sammy Zakaria, associate program director for Johns Hopkins Bayview IM residency program. Also we dissect some USMLE-style medicine practice questions from the Open.Osmosis.Org platform. Check out to see how you could win a $100 Amazon gift card from Doximity. Music courtesy of the World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. 

Dec 21, 2016

As part of our Match Smarter series sponsored by Doximity’s Residency Navigator (, Dr. Michael Galloway, program director for the Wright State University-Wright Patterson Air Force Base combined program in obstetrics and gynecology, discusses his specialty. We also dissect some Open Osmosis Ob/Gyn practice questions (covering three super-high yield topics likely to show up on a standardized test). Don't forget to complete your Doximity profile for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Go to or follow the link on the show notes page Music: the World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die "I Can Be Afraid of Anything" (used with permission). 

Dec 16, 2016

In this episode, we talk neurosurgery with Jonathan Rasouli as part of the Doximity Match Smarter Series plus dissect some Osmosis neuro questions. Music: "I Can be Afraid of Anything" used with permission from the World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. Show notes at

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Dec 13, 2016

As part of our Match Smarter series sponsored by Doximity's Residency Navigator, Steven Gangloff, a neurology resident at the University of Pittsburgh discusses his specialty. We also dissect some Open Osmosis neurology practice questions related to headache. Complete your Doximity profile by Dec 30, 2016 via for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Music courtesy of The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die "I Can Be Afraid of Anything." 

Dec 9, 2016

For our Match Smarter Series in conjunction with Doximity, we interview Ned Morris, a writer and psychiatry resident at Stanford plus delve into some practice psych questions from Osmosis. Music: "I Can be Afraid of Anything" w/ thanks to The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die. 

Dec 1, 2016

Rishi Desai and Ryan Haynes from Osmosis break down a question about a pediatric patient with fatigue and easy bruising. We discuss how Osmosis uses the most up to date cognitive science to make your learning in medical school more efficient, lasting, and exciting and even how Angelina Jolie might be able to help you score in the 99th percentile on your USMLE or COMLEX. Leave a review of the show and send the screenshot to for your chance to win 6-months of premium access to Osmosis. And don't forget our ongoing promotion as part of the Match Smarter Series. You could win a $100 Amazon giftcard from Doximity. for details. Music: "Parachute" The Dangerous Summer, courtesy of Hopeless Records.

Nov 23, 2016

Part of our Match Smarter series in conjunction with Doximity's Residency Navigator tool, author, Anita Taylor, discusses her book: How to Choose a Medical Specialty. This episode is a little different than the usual podcast since we don't discuss any practice questions, but medical students and premeds will find some useful advice on thinking about what area of medicine they should pursue. Share the episode on Twitter and tag @StudentDoctor to win a copy (or leave a review of the podcast and send the screenshot to

Plus complete your Doximity profile by following the link on to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Music courtesy of Hopeless Records "Parachute" The Dangerous Summer

Nov 16, 2016

Go inside the boards with Memorang founder, Yermie Cohen. Learn how to approach internal medicine questions, study more efficiently, & how to gamify your USMLE/COMLEX preparation. Go to to get an exclusive 30% discount on a premium Memorang powerup. Music: "Rum," Say Anything courtesy Equal Vision Records

Nov 2, 2016

This episode introduces the "Match Smarter" Segment. We teamed up with Doximity  to connect you with program directors, residents, and applicants from top residency programs to help you navigate your specialty choice and the residency process as a whole. Doximity has the perfect tool to help you make an informed decision about where to apply to residency, plus it's free.

Check out the Residency Navigator at to get the most transparent and personalized advice on programs you're considering. Doximity is the leading professional network for clinicians. And for ITB listeners, register your profile by following the link:, and you'll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. 

Dr. Peter Taub is an extremely accomplished plastic surgeon at Mt. Sinai Medical Center who took time to offer some candid advice to medical students on what it takes to be a competitive applicant for a plastics spot.  I found a couple of practice questions which might qualify as "Plastic Surgery" for the boards. 

Plus, thanks to the team at Osmosis and their Open Osmosis question bank, we've got big plans for the Study Smarter Series, so keep listening for more question dissections, more free stuff, more learning, and less stress in med school. 

Oct 19, 2016

In this episode,  I announce the "Match Smarter" segment brought to you by Doximity's Residency Navigator.

Trevor Rosenlof, director of content for Firecracker, walks us through the differences between studying for the first and second levels of the USMLE/COMLEX, discusses some points about cardiac and esophageal clinic anatomy which could show up on a Step or shelf exam, and explains how Firecracker uses all kinds of research and tools to ensure that you study efficiently by working with your school's own curriculum, personalizing your study plan in accord with upcoming tests/board/shelf exams, and focusing your Firecracker content to identify and improve areas of weakness. In fine—besides a bunch of other things they're doing—they're trying to close the gap between preparation for the boards and classroon/wards preparation.

Want Firecracker for free?

This episode you can win a premium subscription to Firecracker for six months 

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Oct 3, 2016

Dustyn Williams, MD, cat fancier & lead educator at, dissects some questions for your internal medicine learning pleasure & discusses how OnlineMedEd is revolutionizing medical education. Learn how to break down questions for your IM shelf or USMLE/COMLEX exam, find out why OnlineMedEd gives away their best content for free. Music "Flight of Apollo" off Love, Part 1 by Angels and Airwaves courtesy of Tom Delonge (used with permission). 

Two ways to win this episode's giveaway including a 3-month, premium OnlineMedEd subscription, T-shirt (featuring OnlineMedEd's Dr. Cat), and a copy of Dustyn's book, The OnlineMedEd Intern Guide

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2) Tweet a pic of your cat—or a friend's cat, or even a dog—(preferably with your favorite study resource) for Dustyn via Twitter and tag @BoardsInsider & @OnlineMedEd.   

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Sep 24, 2016

Taking you inside the boards with Aaron McGuffin, MD from—discussing how to turn a medical school failure into a win, approach PEDS questions, & how to succeed as a med student. Leave a review and send your screenshot to to win a free three-month premium subscription to Music: "Wild Things" off "Fear Mint Vol. 2" courtesy of Anthony Jay Sanders ( 

Sep 20, 2016

Dissecting more board exam questions on bioethics (courtesy of Conrad Fischer & the team at medQuest) and illustrating the medical ethics concepts we covered in Part 1 from the core principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, & justice to informed consent, confidentiality, and advance directives. Music "Burn a Miracle," Say Anything (album: Anarchy, My Dear) courtesy of Equal Vision Records. See the show notes at and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review to tell us what we could do better. 

Sep 13, 2016

Bioethics is one of those topics covered on all parts of the USMLE and COMLEX as well as each of the shelf exams. In part one, Patrick covers the four essential categories of boards-style medical ethics questions and discusses example material brought to you by Conrad Fischer and the team at medQuest ( Part 2 will cover additional multiple choice questions. Music “Burn a Miracle” by Say Anything (Courtesy of Equal Vision Records). 

Aug 26, 2016

Senior editors for USMLERx’s Step 1 Qmax, Richard Giovane & YunXiang “Yun” Chu, share personal tips for boards study, dissect questions on action potentials and renal pathophysiology and tell us about the great study tools being developed by the First Aid team. Win a free subscription to a USMLERx product of your choice by leaving a review on iTunes or other podcasting service and send your screenshot to Music "Rum" by "Say Anything" courtesy of Equal Vision Records. 

Aug 15, 2016

Pamela Wible, M.D., family physician and advocate for the mental health of medical students and doctors, shares her personal story of depression, diagnoses and then offers a treatment for the physician suicide epidemic. The question of the day concerns a medical student with overwhelming debt. One listener who leaves a review of the show and sends a screenshot to will win a signed copy of Pamela's book "Physician Suicide Letters: Answered." 

Aug 6, 2016

Adeel Yang, MD, co-founder of the Picmonic visual learning system, shares his personal test-taking journey, discusses how to approach board questions on high potency anti-psychotics (with bonus Picmonic audio example) and how Picmonic can help you increase your retention by 331% and score over 90th percentile on exams. Leave a review on iTunes or other podcast service and send a screenshot to info@insidetheboards for your chance to win a free month's subscription to Picmonic

Jul 17, 2016

In this episode, Sahil Mehta, MD from dissects a practice question related to urinary retention and how virtual tutoring can help you succeed on the USMLE, COMLEX, shelf exams and in your medical school coursework. 

Jul 17, 2016

In this episode, the question of the day concerns the case of a woman with dysentery. We briefly cover high yield points on Shigella sonnei, Bacillus cereus, Giardia lamblia, Staphylococcus aureus, and Cryptosporidium parvum. The interview for today is with Kevin Pho and we discuss the uses of social media with a focus on how to use social media as a medical student, and how one might leverage it for success in medical school. This episode’s contest is a free copy of Kevin’s book “Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices.” Write a review and send a screenshot to for your chance to win this week’s giveaway.

Jul 17, 2016

Patrick C. Beeman, MD discusses plans for, schedule, and scope of the ITB podcast, shares his journey through med school and discusses Picmonic, MedSchoolCoach, Examguru, and COMQUEST. The question of the day covers a new onset seizure at 34 weeks gestation. Listen now to get inside the boards.